Mission & Values


To maximize the growth and value of our invested companies and consulting clients by providing financing, high quality active and engaged management and the best consulting capabilities.


By 2030, be a well-established, highly profitable and respected player in the private investment and consulting firm industries in the markets where we operate.

Our values

Integrity, Excellence and Respect for People.

Integrity:We understand that integrity is at the base of running any business. Being predictable to our employees and customers, honest and transparent in our procedures and behavior, and not engaging in any business which violates the law or affects human rights.

Excellence: We strive to operate with world class standards and processes and be valued by participated businesses and clients as an organization that consistently meets and exceeds their expectations in performance and quality.

Respect for People: We believe that outstanding, highly motivated and engaged people are at the base of every successful organization. That can only happen in an environment of mutual respect, where people can be themselves and care and feel cared for by the organization. Pine supports work life integration and balance, diversity and inclusion in the workplace and is a corporate member of REDI (Red Empresarial de Diversidad e Inclusión), from which we derive our standards.