About us

Pine Consulting and Investments S.L. is a family owned holding focused on investment management and business consulting, based near Madrid, Spain. Pine C&I has investments and consulting units, as well as a fully owned subsidiary, Pine Real Estate, S.L., devoted to real estate.

Pine Real Estate is a land holding and developing company, operating in the industrial and tertiary markets.

Pine C&I is focused on supporting management and investing in startups and small cap companies, mainly but not exclusively in the Life Sciences industries. We currently operate locally, with a long term purpose to become international.

Pine is led by a team of expert professionals, with an advisory board composed by well known and reputed leaders in their fields. They help us to prioritize investments and face projects with the right knowledge to be successful.

A multidisciplinary team

María Lizarraga Lacalle

Maria is the Managing Director of Pine Consulting division. She is a specialist in Strategy and change management, has a deep knowledge of the media industry, and is an expert in project management and commercial and marketing strategy. Most of her professional career to date has been in the media and communications industry, where she had leadership positions in Vocento, Grupo Planeta, Grupo 16, and G+J Spain amongst others. She has also worked in media planning (MPG) and as the executive director of the Spanish Association of Market Research Companies (AEDEMO).

She has an MA in Psychology (UCM), a Masters Degree in Marketing (ESIC) and a postgraduate degree in Corporate Governance and Senior Management. As a teacher, she has taught in several leading educational institutions such as ESIC, AIMC, AM and University of Navarra.

Begoña Cerezo Mata

Begoña is an independent Consultant, with an extensive and distinguished track record in the Market Research Industry. She has been the technical director of the Estudio General de Medios (the Spanish media industry auditing body), Pharma Research Director at Synovate, and CEO at Amber and Adhara. Currently she shares a position as Research Director at Big Band Research, with her role as partner in Pine´s consulting division.

Begoña has master degrees in Political Science, Sociology, Social Psychology and Anthropology. She teaches at the Masters in Design, Communication and fashion at IED (European Design Institute).

Irene Del Pino

Irene has held relevant positions in commercial areas at Estudios Motivacionales del Mercado, Artespaña, and the Spanish affiliate of Eli Lilly & Co. More recently, she was Director of Strategy and Market Research for the JACE Region (Japan, Australia, Canada and Europe), and Market Research Lead for the International Region (comprising 105 countries). Currently Irene plays the role of Chairwoman at Pine Consulting and Investments.

Irene has an educational background in clinical psychology (MA) and an MBA. Irene also has postgraduate diplomas in Marketing, tax law and Stock and monetary Markets.